★Nabali Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5リットル缶New) 9,000円
★Nabali Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml   1700円
Nabali Tree: The native olive tree of Palestine, it yields a medium to light olive oil with a fruity flavor.
500ml Green bottle
★Organic Nabali Green Olives  250g  550円
Pickled according to Palestinian tradition with water, our organic olive oil, and Dead Sea salt, all from our fair trade and organic farmers’ orchards. 250g jar,

2009年になって、FLO「国際フェアトレードラベル機構」は最初のフェアトレードオリーブ生産者としてCanaan Fair Trade (CFT)  ID 19914 THE PALESTINE FAIR TRADE PRODUCERS COMPANY(PFTA,,Words) を認証しました。ナザレの南にあるジェニーンに事務所があります。Follow us on Facebook,

Mr.Haj Faris. He is a retired teacher and is now dedicated to farming.
He is from the village of It’iniq near Jenin


It has been a tough time for many Palestinian olive oil producers, as production has been critically low this season. However, more and more producers in the area are reaping the benefits of Fairtrade: Palestinian Fair Trade Producers Company (FLO certified since January 2009) accepted 6 new cooperatives this year and now represents around 600 farmers in the region. 12 other cooperatives representing over 500 producers, are also in the application process.

During a recent producer visit, Chiraz Skhiri, PSR Regional Coordinator Middle East and Northern Africa Region, met with olive oil producers in Palestinian Territories. Chiraz was able to meet with representatives of coops and support them in the application process. She also spent a day with the East Bani Zaid cooperative, gave training on the FLO system, and helped cooperatives prepare for their up-coming FLO-CERT audit.
私たちのオリーブオイルは、FLOID 19914の最初の生産者です。その後どんどん新しいメンバーが加わっています。
Palestine ID 20945 Cooperative of East Bani Zeid for the Production of Organic
Palestine ID 20933 Kuffar Qadom Cooperative
Palestine ID 20936 Tell Cooperative for Squeezing and Selling Olive Oil
Palestine ID 20937 Sir Cooperative
Palestine ID 20942 Beit Jala Cooperative for Pressing Olive
Palestine ID 20939 Joret Amra Cooperative Society for Organic Olive Oil
Palestine ID 21780 UAWC