To Suguru Matsuki
Wakachiai Project
Tokyo/Japan                                           Geneva, January 22, 201

I would like to thank you from my heart for your very kind gift of US $5000, which we received on January 19, 2010. Your generosity will make an immediate difference to the lives of Haitian families who have been displaced by the recent earthquake in Haiti.

As I speak, my colleagues in the LWF World Service Haiti program are mobilizing support and emergency assistance to the survivors of the terrible earthquake in Haiti which left hundreds of thousands homeles.This Tuesday ( 19th January) a convoy of trucks has departed from Santo Domingo (in Dominican Republic) with fuel, food, water, blankets, tents, hygiene items and mattresses to be distributed to the affected population.

LWF World Service staff are already engaged in further needs assessments in Port-au-Prince and in outlying communities (outside the city). In collaboration with the Mayor of Petion-ville (where our office is located), LWF World Service has already started a project to clean roads and remove debris.

We really do appreciate your generosity and support.

Thanks again for your kindness,

With cordial greetings,

Eberhard Hitzler
Director for World Service

FLO「国際フェアトレードラベル機構」の生産者団体は、現在、果物、ココア、コーヒーなど9団体がハイチでは参加しています。今朝(1月15日)、その9団体にメールを送って、被害状況や支援の取り組みあるか問い合わせています。19日,1団体から(コーヒー生産者、ID870 APCAB)返答がありました。
「Good morning,
I don t speak english,but I understand you.
I send for you my bank account,because we have many victims in my organization.」

2010年1月22日 1:37

Bonjour Monsieur SUGURU,
Je vous fellicite pour votre solidarite que vous avez manifeste envers nous.pour le moment,l’argent que vous allez m’envoyer va tout droit en aide aux victimes du seisme en date du 12janvier 2010.
cet argent va servir aux victimes pour acheter des medicaments,hahits et chaussures pour certains enfants dont les parents ont tout perdu comme moi.Ensuite,il va servir a certaines personnes desirant de quitter Port-au-Prince pour se refiguier dans d’autres villes de provinces ou ils se sentent en securite.Il va aussi servir pour acheter de la nourriture,car les gens ont vraiment faim pour le moment.
Jusqu’a present,il y a des gens qui ne recoivent rien du tout,apres dix jours de la catastrophe.Aucun haitien aujourd’hui ne sait pas a qui s’adresser
pour le moment,parceque toute la structure du pays a disparu.
On voit beaucoup d’aides venant presque du monde entier,cependant les suvivants?soffrent encore.
Votre solidarite envers nous sera la bienvenue
Haiti est en detresse,elle ne compte que sur solidarite
Frito Merisier

募金用 クレジットカード画面へ

The LWF, together with ACT Alliance is preparing a substantial emergency response to the devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2010.
★ACT(Action by Churches Together)の最新News

1月19日 ACT Alliance response

ACT members in Haiti with offices are Christian Aid (CA), Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH), the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), and Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO). The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), which has offices in Haiti, is pending membership of the new ACT Alliance. Nine other ACT Alliance members or pending members are providing direct assistance.

Members are sending relief goods in kind or in specialist skills. From communications from these organisations, the following responses can be reported:

Christian Aid (CA) has been sourcing food, tents, hygiene kits, blankets, jerry cans and water purifiers for 15,000 people in eight communities, targeting areas getting little help from other agencies. The distribution is expected to start within days. Where possible, food supplies will be sourced from farmers in Haiti who escaped the impact of the earth quake. It will also work closely with partner organisations in the DR to source material not available in Haiti. It is considering also implementing a cash voucher system whereby survivors can withdraw money from bank accounts in the name of CA. Banks are due to begin opening tomorrow. It is also to work with NGO Merlin providing medical equipment.

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) coordination office was not damaged and will serve as basis for member coordination. DKH has joined forces with the Catholic agency Caritas to organise a flight of 34 tonnes of relief materials to Port-au-Prince including four million water purification tablets, jerrycans, tarpaulins, blankets and enough healthcare kits to last 10,000 people for three months. DKH will focus relief efforts on Jacmel and Bainet, which like Jacmel is on the south coast of Haiti but further to the east. The organisation has a logistics person in Santo Domingo, looking at how best to deliver goods to Jacmel.? DKH reports that people must apparently get permission from the US military to deliver goods to Haiti (presumably deliveries by air) but this is not confirmed.

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is scaling up its presence at its office. It will send Bobby Waddell, as LWF/DWS emergency senior advisor, for three weeks after which he will be replaced. Sophie Gebreyes, programme person at LWF Geneva, will go to Haiti for a week to assess the situation and identify best coordination models between Geneva and Haiti. Nora Serpas, who is arriving in the DR today will provide the necessary support for them with accommodation in Santo Domingo and travel the day after to Haiti. The LWF, which is constructing a camp for ACT members at its compound, also plans to send a shipment of food products.

Interchurch Organisation for development Cooperation (ICCO) is planning to monitor the relief effort and how well it measures up to Sphere standards, for instance, as concerns the fair selection of beneficiaries to avoid generating resentment between recipients.

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA). A team from NCA of three WASH advisors carrying out assessment and start up of operation has arrived in Port-au-Prince. Also there is a consultant with local context/coordination assignments etc, an emergency coordinator from NCA Guatemala, and two psychosocial and protection advisors. In addition, NCA has a communicator, and the NCA General Secretary in Haiti. The Guatemalan coordinator is in Santo Domingo to coordinate with an ICCO partner in the DR and support logistics/coordination of personnel and goods, working together with a logistician from DCA. NCA has airlifted to Haiti 45 tonnes of wash equipment, one 4WD, and 500 family tents.

FinnChurchAid (FCA) is cooperating with NCA and providing water purifying units, tents etc and also financing part of the delivery costs. FCA is also sending two people (Nanny Nordstrom and David Korpela) to deliver the equipment as well as assess the needs of especially the special needs of mother-child and perhaps other vulnerable groups. They will arrive January 20 from the DR and leave January 30.

Church World Service (CWS) project manager for LAC is Don Tatlock and regional coordinator Martin Coria. Both are based for the moment with CWS partner SSID in the DR.. CWS has pre-positioned supplies for the region in the DR, which are being used for some programmes on both sides of the Haiti/DR border.CWS is in discussion with CA about possible partnership efforts. CWS anticipates undertaking some bi-lateral efforts with a long-standing CWS local partner serving at-risk children.

Because of continuing challenges of aid getting to Haiti, CWS has determined that it must focus on making neighbouring DR the hub for its response, at least for now. CWS is working with Servicio Social de Iglesias Dominicanas (SSID) which will receive and purchase aid in Santo Domingo and transport it to Haiti. CWS plans to send a 40-foot container with baby care and hygiene kits to the DR. Part of the response is likely to be assisting Haitians to enter the DR and establish storage and distribution centre in Jimani. In Haiti, CWS will assist in the restoration of operational and programmatic capacity of partners Ecumenical Foundation for Peace and Justice, Cuban Council of Churches and Service Chretien d’Haiti and SKDE.

Church of Sweden (CoS). With NCA, Church of Sweden has sent a psychosocial worker and is also on standby for request for additional personnel supporting ACT and or LWF in the implementation and planning of the psychosocial response/ activities. CoS will also send Thomas Brundin, former LWF Haiti country rep to support ACT and LWF in coordination and communication.

A man carries an injured person along a destroyed area
January 14, 2010.
PHOTO: c Jorge Silva / Reuters


    ハイチ: 地震は想像を絶する苦しみと荒廃を与えている。


「交戦地帯に似ています」。 ルーテル世界連盟奉仕部、カリブ海/ハイチプログラムの財務担当役員、 Eric Celiz氏は、1月12日に突然起こった7.0マグニチュード地震に続いて、ハイチの首都ポルトープランスで状況について説明しました。世界一貧しい国のひとつであるこのカリブ海の国の想像を絶する苦しみを引き起こしています。それはその地域では200年で最も強力な揺れであると言われています。
「今までのところ、どんな本当の助けも見えていません。」と、Celiz氏は報告しました。 彼は、通りの地面が強く揺れ続き、家は破壊され、余震を恐れて彼らの家から逃れる人々で混雑していたと言いました。 カタストロフィーの大きさに人々はショックを受け、無力感の中で虚脱状態です。 人々は瓦礫の前で、介入する手段なしで、気絶させられたような状態です。 他のものは、瓦礫の下に埋まったままで残っていて、救いを求めますが、必要な装備は欠けています。 「それは莫大な私たちのスタッフを含む皆にとって、道徳的なジレンマです。」と、Celiz氏は言いました。
 DWSカリブ海/ハイチプログラムのディレクターであるRaulo氏はポルトープランスのビルの60〜80パーセントが破壊されたか、または住居に適さないと言いました。 最大5万人が死んだというハイチの赤十字のSocietyレポートと最大300万は、負傷しているか、または住所不定です。
Raulo氏は、支援の優先順位を決めるためにも、損害の程度を算定することが必要であると言います、そして、支援が必要です。 DWSプログラムの主たる働きのは、すべてを失った人々のために仮設住宅をセットアップすることでしょう。 現時点での確認では、1人の職員は連絡がとれませんが、ほかのスタッフは負傷していないと思われると彼女は言いました。
 その間、ACT Alliance(教会の人道援助、開発援助の最も大きい地球規模の同盟)は大規模な緊急援助を提供し始めました。 LWFが参加している最初の急速なサポートチームは、既にハイチに派遣されて、損害を評価して現地団体、組織とともに救援活動にあたります。


Dear friends,
I assume many if not all of you are somehow involved and interested in the ACT Alliance and LWF response to the earthquake in Haiti. Many activities have already started and longer term assistance is planned for. LWF World Service has enforced its team with additional staff from Geneva (Bobby Waddell and Sophie Gebreyes) as well as seconded staff from related agencies (DCA and CoS). 
Massive aid is needed to provide temporary shelter, food and water for about a million people and the same time to prepare for reconstruction. I am very thankful for all the support and encouragement we have received over the last weeks.
Nobody – including LWF – was really prepared for such a catastrophe and it is really painful to see how long it takes to bring the necessary aid to the people. An already weak infrastructure and political system has collapsed and the UN organization as well as many other organization  were severely affected and victims of the earthquake. But aid coordination is now taking place not only within ACT but also with the UN organizations.
If you want to get an impression of how are staff in Haiti is working, I would like to invite you to accompany them on twitter.
And you can also contribute with encouragement and your own remarks. I am sure our team in Haiti will appreciate your comments and greetings.
 By using Twitter we can share information about our common response to the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January.
 If you want to contribute your remarks and are new to Twitter, please register (it is easy and no costs involved) and send your news including the hash tag #lwf-haiti at the end of each twitter message. But you can also just follow what is going on: Just go to
 or follow Communio in Action on the LWF Web site at:http://www.lutheranworld.org/Haiti_Quake.html 
 Thank you for your continues support
Rev Eberhard Hitzler, Director
Dept. for World Service,
The Lutheran World Federation